Trolltunga Norway

Dairy solutions

• Equipment & systems for Liquid milk, Butter, Cheese, Paneer, Ice-creams & frozen desserts
• Curd & yoghurt plants
• Bulk milk coolers
• Aseptic processing and packaging system
• Aseptic packaging
• Membrane solutions
• Milking machines
• Automatic milk collection system
• Tanks and silos
• Road and rail tankers
• Flow systems
• Plate Heat Exchangers
• Clean-in-place.

TMS solutions

• Industrial refrigeration for plants manufacturing liquid milk, ice-cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese and other milk products, meat processing plants, fruit and vegetables pack houses, brewery, steel and shipyards
• Air-conditioning solutions for airports, commercial, industrial and residential complexes
• Heat exchangers for dairy, food, chemical, textile, hydrocarbon, refrigeration, marine, steel, fertilizer, brewery, beverage, petrochemical and power plants.


Cattle feed solutions

• Consultancy for plant design & engineering
• Machinery specifications & supply
• Machinery installation/supervision
• Operational training.


Pharma solutions

• Integrated fermentation plants
• Process vessels & reactors • Pharmaceutical grade water generation systems
• CIP & SIP systems • WFI & PW distribution
• Plate heat exchangers
• Sanitary pumps
• Valves & fittings
• Project engineering and execution
• Process piping and transfer lines
• Upstream & downstream process equipment for fermentation system.


Beverage solutions

• Tanks for storing, mixing and preparation of ingredients
• Jacketed tanks for heating & cooling
• High pressure homogenizers
• Plate/Corrugated shell/Tube heat exchangers
• Pumps
• Valves & fittings
• Deaerators
• Process control & automation systems
• Turnkey plants from syrup preparation to beverage pasteurization
• CIP systems
• Modernization & expansion of existing plants
• Servicing of equipment
• Project management
• Engineering services

Packaging solutions

• Packaging film for milk and milk products such as curd, butter milk, ghee
• Laminates for milk, frozen vegetables & liquid products such as edible oil and lube oil
• High barrier laminates and stand-up cum zip-lock pouches for milk powder, processed food and health drinks
• Surface printed pouches for bread and baby diapers
• Re-usable top gusseted & rope handled bulk weight pouches for seeds, wall putty, distemper, etc.

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