Cattle feed solutions


A growing demand for better nutrition in increasing the milk yield of cattle has provided an opportunity to IDMC to offer solutions for the manufacture of cattle feed with consistent quality at lower costs in large scale automated plants. IDMC set up a fully automated cattle feed plant with a capacity to manufacture 1000 tons of cattle feed per day in 2012.


The plant is Asia’s largest and had many firsts, which included complete automation, a high degree of safety systems, real time alert and monitoring controls, reduced noise and a significantly dust-free environment. All these features ensure that the plant consistently produces 1000 tons of cattle feed pellets each day -- of the required quality, both in terms of nutrition and from the point of view of a balanced diet for the animal. The complex’s computerized control centre continuously receives and monitors data from the main plant as well as collates data from utilities (steam, water, power), weigh bridge and the bypass protein plant. There are many other unique features, which include, auto sampling of finished products before bagging for improved quality and costing. The plant uses energy efficient motors and a computerized motor control centre for energy efficient operations.

IDMC provides:

  • Consultancy for plant design and engineering

  • Machinery specifications and supply

  • Machinery installation/supervision

  • Operational training

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