Code of Business Ethics



Ethics overview

1.1 The company’s actions will always be rooted in its ethics vision and the requirements for ethics under the Companies Act 2013.

1.2 The company’s vision is to be a customer focused leading engineering and flexible packaging solutions provider to the dairy, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors in an ethical and environment friendly manner and be an employer of choice.

1.3 The company’s core values are being ethical, committed to quality and customer service, integrity and respect and care for employees.



Compliance with the law

2.1 Regardless of difficulty or cost, compliance with all domestic laws, as also international laws (wherever applicable), and applicable rules and regulations is of paramount importance.



Fiduciary responsibility

3.1 The company and its employees will have a fiduciary relationship. This will include, but not be limited to, the employee’s loyalty to the company’s interests at all times.



Political non-alignment

4.1 The company will not, overtly or covertly, support any political party or political interest group, as also not contribute funds in cash or kind to political parties or candidates.



Human rights

5.1 The company is committed to ensuring that its employees are treated with dignity and not subject to any form of abuse – mental or physical.

5.2 The company is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment.




6.1 The company places high emphasis on quality in its product, services, processes and outcomes, all through the value chain. The company encourages continuous effort to raise the quality bar and match established world-class quality norms.



Respect for the environment

7.1 The company places high importance on sustainable development and discourages abuse or wastage of natural resources or damage to the flora, fauna and the environment.



Business dealings and conflict of interest

8.1 The company subscribes to healthy competition in the markets where it operates and discourages restrictive trade practices, abuse of dominant market position and collusion with competitors to the detriment of the customers.

8.2 The company believes in procurement (purchase) policies that are based on the principles of fairness and transparency and objective criteria such as product suitability, quality, price competitiveness, delivery, adherence to schedules and other measurable and actionable commercial conditions.



Confidentiality of information and protection of IPR

9.1 The company places great value on the confidentiality of the company’s information and information obtained during the course of its business with other collaborators and stakeholders. These include, but are not limited to, technical documents, business documents, market information and intellectual property rights where unauthorized use or disclosure to third parties will jeopardize the business interests of the company.

9.2 The company’s information and intellectual property will be protected and kept secure at all times. Due care and caution will be exercised before information or intellectual property is shared with any third party.

9.3 The company will share information with shareholders, media, public authorities and third parties only through its authorised officers, who are specifically designated for this purpose.

9.4 The company will be well within its rights to monitor content of information exchange inside and outside the company as a part of its information security policy.



Organization’s assets

10.1 Assets are the wealth of the company. They include tangible assets such as plant and machinery, buildings, vehicles, computer systems, materials of all types, as also intangible assets such as information, intellectual property in patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and trade secrets.




11.1 The company will appoint an Ethics Officer, who will report directly to the Managing Director and to whom any employee can straightaway report any deviation(s) or violation(s). The Ethics Officer would also be responsible for facilitating progressive improvements in the code of business ethics.

11.2 The company will provide the option to all employees to opt for making a protected disclosure of frauds under the whistle-blower policy of the company.


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