Beverage solutions


IDMC is a leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for fruit and milk-based beverages, carbonated soft drinks (CSD), non-carbonated drinks (NCD), fruit/ready-to-serve (RTS) beverages, raw fruit handling and fruit pulp processing as well as packaging equipment.


IDMC has executed projects ranging from raw fruit reception, washing, pulping/juice extraction, juice processing, aroma recovery, pulp/ juice concentration, pulp packaging and drum filling, including bulk aseptic bag filling systems. IDMC also supports the beverage and fruit processing industry by providing refrigeration systems and various service equipment and piping in addition to process modules. Our customers include some of the most prominent names nationally and globally in fruit juices, juice-based beverages, carbonated soft drinks and fruit pulps.

IDMC's beverage solutions services

  • Turnkey plants from syrup preparation to beverage pasteurization and CIP systems

  • Modernization and expansion of existing plants

  • Servicing of equipment

  • Process automation and control

  • Project management

  • Engineering services

IDMC’s equipment for beverage processing

  • Tanks for storing, mixing and preparation of ingredients and jacketed tanks for heating and cooling

  • High pressure homogenizers for improved quality and stability of various products

  • Plate heat exchangers in a wide range of models and combinations to meet the requirements for heating, cooling and pasteurizing liquid products, free flow design for products with fibres

  • Corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers for shear sensitive products

  • Pumps, valves and fittings for all flow systems, fully integrated with processing equipment

  • Deaerators for efficient removal of air from liquid and semi-liquid products in order to improve product quality

  • Process control and automation systems – ranging from simple control units for specific stages of a process to comprehensive systems for automation of entire plants

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